I’m Hamed Darvishi

A Career Coach
Assisting Job Prospects.

To be a Career Coach, Your Client's dream Should Become Yours.


After my time as an undergrad  engineering student in Iran, I moved to Portugal. For a few years, I worked in the industry for some renowned names on the global scale. But now and again, I would help friends and friends of friends with their immigration process and things like finding jobs.
Such tasks came so fulfilling to me that after a few years of learning about the magic of HR and expanding my network, I made up my mind and to quit my job to do this for a living. And it has been 15 years since and I am proud to say I have helped over 500 engineers land their dream jobs.

How Do I Attend Your Occupational Needs?


You can quite simply email me your CV with a few lines explaining what you are looking for and I would shortly reach out to you to schedule a consultation session.

You can feel free to connect me on LinkedIn as well to stay tuned.

Knowledge, Experience and Passion Say it All.

My Skills.


Exclusive Consultancy

I provide HR consultation free of charge to hear about your profile. Then I would search in my network to connect you to the international companies.


Interview Training

Regardless of your experience and expertise in your field, we all get the nerves when it comes to interviews. I will share my insight with you to help you improve.


Performance Coach

Engineers more than any other job category are after enhance their efficiency to be able to climb up the corporate ladder. As your performance coach I will help you with that.

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